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2014 Excellence in Diversity Programs and Performance

St Barbara Limited - WINNER

St Barbara's Katie-Jeyn Romeyn accepts the award

State: WA

Initiative: Eliminating the equity pay gap

St Barbara has implemented a systematic and sustainable approach to reduce the pay equity gap.  Seven years ago the human resources (HR) practices at St Barbara were transactional, consisting mostly of recruitment with no linkage to the business strategy. A remuneration strategy did not exist and the pay equity gap was a staggering 43%.

From a standing-start in 2007, St Barbara now has in place a HR Strategy that is hard-wired to the company’s business strategy and approved by the Board. The success of each of the six strategic HR priorities is underpinned by diversity. To support these priorities a comprehensive Talent Management Framework has been implemented.  Consistent with the strategic HR priorities, in respect of gender diversity, St Barbara now has:

  • a competitive and effective remuneration system
  • industry-leading parental leave provisions including attractive return to work incentives
  • a gender diversity policy
  • robust gender diversity targets to measure success.

These initiatives are approved by the board, led by the executive leadership team, and reviewed regularly by the board. 

The gap has reduced from 43% in 2007 to 11.7% in 2014.

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BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance - RUNNER UP

BMA's Sonia Lewis accepts the award from Thiess Executive General Manager Michael Wright, QRC President Rob Neale and Minister for Natural Resources and Miens Andrew Cripps

State: Qld

Initiative:Daunia and Caval Ridge Gender Diversity Action Plan

During development of its Daunia and Caval Ridge operations, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance committed to developing diverse workforce comprising at least 30 percent female employees and 5 percent indigenous people by 2015.

The company believes that a diverse workforce harnesses diversity of thought, leading to superior business performance.

BMA recognised a gap in gender diversity in the resourcing sector, and specifically in entry-level operational roles. It offered ‘new to industry’ training for female employees interested in taking on more responsibility and interested in being promoted into higher roles within BMA.

As of January 2014 the Daunia team consists of 25 percent women and Caval Ridge project more than 23. 


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Beach Energy and Oz Minerals

State: South Australia

Initiative: Leading my Career – Cross Industry program

Leading My Career is a unique cross-industry program specifically for women, involving a series of tailored workshops which are further supported by mentoring.

All mentors are at senior management or executive level and have a strong commitment to providing advice and guidance assisting women achieve their professional goals. 

The standalone initiative is the only program of its kind in South Australia and has achieved significant outcomes with 75 percent of 2012 participants moving into more senior roles. The program highlights a positive step towards increasing female leaders in the resources sector and is bridging the gender gap in leadership positions.

The program includes workshops facilitated by leading providers over a six-month period with mentoring sessions between workshops to ensure participants have the support they need to apply/maximise their learnings to their careers.  Mentors are provided with training ensuring they are in a position to provide the highest quality support possible.

The results speak for themselves.

Beach Energy

• 66.7% of 2012 participants promoted to more senior positions

• 50% of 2012 participants promoted within a year of commencing the program

• 60% of 2013 participants promoted to more senior positions

• 100% retention of participants across all three programs

• The program has resulted in organisational restructure to allow for female career progression in several teams

OZ Minerals

• 86% of 2012 participants promoted or given access to act in a senior position

• 71% of 2012 participants promoted within a year of commencing the program

• Majority of participants from the 2013 program have taken on more senior positions or expanded their current roles to include greater responsibility and have had greater visibility in their professional achievements

• 93% retention of participants across all three program

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Thiess 'Women in Mining' Strategic Initiatives

State: NSW

Initiative:Thiess 'Women in Mining' 2013 Strategic Initiatives

In 2011 Thiess appointed a full-time diversity officer and ensured greater resources were made available to engage the mining business in a long-term change management program.

Women comprised only 8% of the workforce, however Thiess has since become industry leaders in female employment and are now on track to go beyond a 20 percent female employment target by 2020.

This has been achieved by empowering women and encouraging female participation, rather than simply announcing ambitious unimplemented targets.

Amongst many exciting projects, Thiess has launched Women's Focus Groups, undertaken Site Audits, established a Oothungs (Women) in Mining Operator Training Program and is implementing more flexible work arrangements. 

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